About us

PAI  RES is an experience company which comprehensively deals with wind farm  project from early phase until the final Building Permit stage.

PAI RES Sp. z o.o. to is a group of experienced professionals with several years of expertize in managing the process of preparation of wind farm projects from early  phase until receipt of final Building Permit. Our team includes a wide range of specialists with knowledge and experience in Polish law, wind analysis, optimization of wind turbines location, formal and administration procedures and overall management of wind farm projects. We are characterized by hard work and commitment to reach goals and belief that by developing wind farm projects we contribute to reduction of CO2 emissions and hence our work adds to improvement of health and living conditions of Polish citizens.
We have the capacity to finance and operationally manage all works necessary to successfully lead wind farms development projects to the stage of Building Permit or, in some cases, to Occupancy Permit, and once these works near the final stage, we search for ultimate Investors who finance and build the wind farm. In selected cases we cooperate with specialized companies and supervise projects until Occupancy Permit. We have obtained Building Permit and took part in sale to ultimate Investors several wind farm projects with a combined total capacity of 350MW.